AR Karité

Shea butter and the women of Africa are the soul of our project. From the beginning we have been involved in a charitable cause, adding value to the precious and hard work of entrepreneurial women who day by day financially support their families thanks to the fruit of the sacred Karite tree. By obtaining AR Karité products you are directly collaborating with the economic independence of the women of Africa. This allows them to have a voice and be heard in the decisions of their peoples, at the same time you benefit your skin by obtaining the best Natural Regenerator in Africa.

For our company it is very important that you have knowledge of the products you use daily. There are different types of Shea butter on the market, it is important to know the differences, it depends on whether your purchase is successful and you use high quality products.

Shea butter is defined by grades, there are 5 grades and they indicate different appearances and aromas. At AR KARITÉ we use grade A organic and bio, raw (or unrefined) by cold pressing. Our Shea butter has the highest quality standards, it comes from Burkina Faso Land of shea where women gatherers are constantly trained to carry out an adequate process from the collection of the fruits to the final packagin.

How is pure and unrefined Shea butter made or obtained?

Shea butter is obtained through a process of washing, crushing and boiling the nuts of the KARITÉ tree.

Chemical composition of shea butter

Pure shea butter, as a vegetable fat or oil, contains 90% or more triglycerides and a minor unsaponifiable fraction.

Triglycerides are responsible for the emollient (deep hydration) properties of shea oil, while the unsaponifiable fraction contains bioactive substances including hydrocarbons, tocopherols, sterols, and alcohols responsible for its medicinal properties.

AR KARITÉ being 100% natural and biological, absent of chemical components, it is recommended for pregnant and lactating women.


It reinforces the protection of the skin by stimulating the cells and accelerating the natural healing process.

“Go back to being healthy, back to being natural”